Latex powder

Redispersible latex powder is made of water soluble rubber powder with stable chemical properties at room temperature through puffed polymerization reaction under high temperature and high pressure, flow swirling spray and dry grinding.


Product features

Redispersible latex powder is nearly white powder, does not contain benzene, alcohol, formaldehyde, non-toxic side effects of environmental protection products, micro moisture absorption, weak alkaline, is for external wall insulation thin plaster system research and development of special rubber powder. This product has good fusion with cement mortar, can make mortar and benzene board between the mesh structure, mutual fusion and penetration, so that the two become an organic whole, so as to achieve the ideal bonding effect.


The physical and chemical properties

Appearance: white powder

Bulk density (g/L) :950-1000

PH: 7-8

Solid content: 99%


Application Example (1)

Adhesive mortar production reference formula:

Usage: Directly add water and stir evenly, water cement ratio 18-22%, stand for 10-15 minutes before use

Construction standard: prohibit the construction below 5 degrees, a mixing material is best completed within 30 minutes, bond thickness 3-5 mm, 28 days can achieve 80% solidification bonding effect.

Dosage: about 5KG/m2

Project quality test index

Operation Precautions

1. Feeding should not be one-time input

2. When polypropylene fiber needs to be added, it should be dispersed in cement first, because the fine particles of cement can eliminate the static electricity of the fiber, so that the fiber can be dispersed

3. Mixing mixing evenly but mixing time is not easy to be too long, 15-20 minutes is appropriate, such as long time mixing sand and cement capacity precipitation stratification (special attention to the vertical mixer)

4. Adjust the amount of additives according to seasonal changes

5. Avoid cement or additives from moisture agglomeration

6. It is strictly forbidden to mix with acidic substances for storage and use

7. Prohibit construction below 5 degrees. Low-temperature construction will cause great engineering quality problems.


Packing, storage and transportation matters needing attention

Packing and weight: 1.25 bags, chemical composite bags, lined with PVC film.

Shelf life: 6 months

Note: it must be waterproof and moistureproof. After opening the package, it needs to be sealed with tie port.

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